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  • Vanson Cobra Jacket
Imagine a riding jacket
made for riding

Throwing some "interesting" graphics onto fashion-weight leather doesn't make a riding jacket. This most popular Vanson jacket is made entirely of 1.7mm/3.5 oz. Competition Weight solid leather with PROperf ventilated leather over front.
The patented Vanson Air Curtain features windproof internal chest panels that fold down to let cooling air flow inside for summer riding or zip air tight for cooler nights and early morning rides. Fit and geometry eliminates extra bulk at front and ballooning found in other airflow jackets. Open/close upper arm vents. Double leather at shoulders, elbow/forearm and waistband. Adjustable waistband allows you to add clothing without compromising fit. Accepts any Vanson Body Armor and regular or electric thermal vest. Zips to any Vanson Sportrider pant to make a roadworthy 2-piece outfit suitable even for track days. Men's and Women's sizes. Made in USA.

CE armor standard
All armor compatible jackets now include the Vanson (F.A.S.) Floating Armor System for shoulder and elbow. Designed to meet or exceed Certified European (CE) standards. Dual-density foam is attached inside the garment via a sturdy elastic Velcro harness increasing its ability to stay precisely on the body independent of any jacket movement. Optional BackPad available.

Vanson sizing
Sportrider fit jackets are not cut like a traditional garment. Upper chest bulk has been eliminated and sleeves canted forward 17 degrees. Standing upright with arms down the sides you may feel some tightness across the chest and under the armpits. This is normal. On the machine reaching for the handlebars the logic behind the fit becomes apparent. The chest loosens without ballooning while the sleeve length amazingly remains spot on without rising up. These jackets are designed for optimum fit and performance in the riding position and that's what they excel at.

Vanson Cobra Jacket

  • $799.00