• Held Rain Star Gloves
Waterproof warm temp performance
hands down better than any glove
including Held Score II

We don't like most so-called "rain gloves". Sure they keep your hands dry but at the expense of safety and control, the very two things you need going for you in a downpour. The Held Rain Star features the latest Gore-Tex X-TRAFIT technology which eliminates half the layers required for watertightness and breathability. Goatskin palm is lighter yet more abrasion-resistant than cowhide. Hard knuckle protection, gel-backed stingray heel of hand, Outlast PCM, everything you need to deal with rain without adding more risk.

Beats the Held Score II: While a very nice glove the Score II does not in our opinion replace the Rain Star. The Score II has a generic fabric top hand, the Rain Star is all goatskin. The Score II palm is Ceraspace (less abrasion resistant than Superfabric), the Rain Star palm remains Stingray (better than either). Plus the Rain Star with internal Outlast PCM offers a wider wearable temperature range sorely lacking in the Score II.

By special arrangement with Held, Trophy Cycle Apparel is the only N.American dealer to import and stock the venerable Rain Star glove.

Sizing note:
Gore-Tex lined gloves should be comfortably snug but not overly tight. If you are between sizes choose the next size up - for example 9-1/2" wears a 10. If you are 1/8" or less from the next size go up an additional size - for example 9-7/8" wears an 11 (see measuring directions).
  • Goatskin double leather palm, cowhide back with sewn-in pre-curve
  • Gore-Tex X-TRAFIT laminated waterproof membrane won't pull out with your hand, single layer feel GREAT WITH HEATED GRIPS!
  • Outlast Adaptive Comfort PCM provides wide range temperature control
  • Pique Push Pull perspiration-wicking interior fabric
  • High abrasion-resistant Stingray leather with shock-absorbing gel at heel of hand
  • Adjustable Velcro closure at wrist and cuff
  • Leather-covered hard plastic shell knuckles
  • 3M Scotchliteâ„¢ piping
  • Visor wiper

Held Rain Star Gloves

  • $219.00