• Rukka AirMan Trousers
Able to Withstand
Heat, Rain
and the Denny's Grand Slam.

Other textile trousers work fine on the ride but once indoors leave you feeling more roasted than your morning coffee. Rukka AirMan Trousers use the same construction and technology as the Rukka AirMan Jacket for ultimate protection and comfort. Dupont Cordura AFT allows total air flow. Removable lining with Gore-Tex and Outlast Adaptive Comfort provides waterproofing and overall temperature regulation. D30 Armor (CE Norm EN 1621-12012) give you maximum protection while allowing air to pass through preventing heat and moisture build-up. There's even a padded, rubberized seat that allows high mileage days without sliding back and forth. Connecting zipper to all Rukka jackets. 5 year guarantee.

Rukka Trousers Sizing
The easiest way to determine trouser size is to correlate it with your build type and jacket size as follows:
• thin = trousers two sizes down from jacket
• average = trousers one size down from jacket
• bit heavy = trousers same size as jacket
• heavy = trousers one size up from jacket
• C1 short = less 7cm crotch to ankle
• C2 regular = fits most riders
• C3 long = plus 7cm crotch to ankle
Trousers sizing questions always welcomed. Just give us your height, weight, measurements for waist @ navel height, hips, inseam.

Rukka AirMan Trousers

  • $629.00