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Hey Johnny, whaddya rebelling against?

"Whaddya got?", snarled a young Marlon Brando. Not quite a contender he was all attitude and a Schott Perfecto. The genuine article actually worn by the actor in the 1953 film classic "The Wild One." Copied the world over, we have the original. Heavy naked cowhide, quilted lining, action back, hand-turned collar snaps, belted waist, zippered sleeves. Regular and Long sizes. Black (of course). Made in USA.

The naked truth about cowhide

Most manufacturers hide their inferior leathers behind a facade of what the industry calls "corrected grain".  A fake embossed pattern, too perfect to be true, is artificially pressed onto the leather hopefully obscuring mismatching and thin spots. Schott Naked Cowhide is genuine true-grain premium hide only lacking the final wax finish. So the resulting quality is not only revealed but given a pleasing matte appearance.

Schott sizing

The 118 Perfecto Jacket is true to size with a traditional straight cut and no tapering. Some lower body adjustment is possible by way of the belted waist. Regular sizes measure 25" from back collar bottom to jacket bottom, Longs are approximately 27" with an extra 2" added to the sleeves.

Schott 118 Perfecto Jacket CLOSEOUT

  • $669.00