• Vanson Hard Core Highwayman Jacket

You need this jacket

Just like Arnold Schwarzenegger did when he asked the biker for it in Terminator 2. Worn in the movie by the Terminator before he was the Governator. Classic Highwayman design built from our Vanson 1.7mm/3.5 oz Competition Weight Leather with chrome hardware, snap down lapels, action swing back, adjustable side laces and stiffened kidney belt. Too bad you can't feel it on this website because it really puts all those fake look-alike jackets to shame. Made in USA.

Vanson sizing

The Hard Core is a traditional jacket cut for the average build. Those with a heavier midsection may require going up a size. Like all Competition Weight Vanson garments its initial stiffness should not be confused with tightness. Unlike the more common lightweight stuff a Vanson requires a true break-in commitment from its owner. Once the jacket learns to accommodate your particular shape it will fit and feel like no other.

Vanson Hard Core Highwayman Jacket

  • $759.00