Q: Are all leathers pretty much the same?
A: Not when it comes to protecting you on a motorcycle. That's why we sell only American cow leather. Fact is, cows born and bred in this country live vastly better lives than their foreign brethren (at least for a cow). Consequently, their hides are heavier and more quality consistent. Sure, the prices of import leather are no doubt cheaper. But, design and attention to detail invariably suffer. Count the number of unnecessary seams on a cheap import garment. See if the manufacturer will offer in-house repairs after you've owned it 10 years. For these reasons we fully recommend American leather over anything coming out of China, Pakistan, India or Indonesia.

Q: Are all textiles pretty much the same?
A: Definitely not. When textiles exploded on the scene 12 years ago it heralded new advantages in protection and climate control. Unfortunately as often occurs in business once these products became popular their quality got dumbed down, tremendously. Mass manufacturers eschewed proven Cordura and Kevlar materials for a whole goobledygook of inferior polyester and generic nylon. "Ballistic" became the coined marketing tool for making materials sound tough and bulletproof when in most cases they did not meet minimum abrasion standards. Soon riders experienced the bitter consequences when average road friction started tearing this stuff apart and worse, melting it into their skin.  With the production of quality leathers narrowed down to less than a handful of makers, textiles are becoming the future of motorcycle apparel. But you need to do your homework, ask questions and be willing to walk away from alot of pedestrian gear more suited to a stroll in the park than a 60 mph get-off.

Q: How come you don't carry popular brands like Joe Rocket?
A. Because we don't think they're quality. The same goes for Icon, First Gear, Revit, Tourmaster and others too many to list (please call or write for full frank opinions on any brand including even the few we like). We prefer to deal with uncompromising companies (usually below the radar) who use the best materials and workmanship and are not solely driven to sell the most mediocre stuff to the most people. Call it high-end. Call it elitist. We call it respect for our clients who want real protective gear. After all, if you went skydiving would you want the cheapest parachute packed by the least competent person?

Q: Since I only ride in the summer, can't I get by with just jeans and a t-shirt?
A: We see many people dressed exactly that way or worse (shorts, sandals, no shirt). You don't need a degree in engineering to understand the roadway provides traction by virtue of its sandpaper-like surface. "Road rash" is much more than a mere euphemism. It is serious abrasion injury that destroys skin, muscle and nerve tissue. It can be fatal at the accident scene or later in the hospital. Proper riding gear can prevent or minimize it. And with today's new air-flow hot weather materials there's no reason not to be protected year round.

Q: Your gear seems expensive. And I've already spent more than I planned on just the bike.
A: Good riding gear will always be at a premium. Because it protects better and lasts longer. Before spending hard-earned dollars on customizing or an aftermarket exhaust system get your priorities straight. Even the most expensive protective gear is cheaper than the cost of reconstructive surgery.

Q: Do you ever put items on sale?
A: Yes, usually when something becomes discontinued or is no longer available. Then you can buy that same premium gear at cost or less. CLICK HERE to view the latest selection. Sorry, we don't do closeouts as our primary business since more often than not it would mean offering merchandise not up to our quality standards.