About Us

I never intended to be in sales let alone sell motorcycle clothing.
In the mid-1990’s after over 20 years of riding I took the motorcycle safety foundation (MSF) course and found it to be of such benefit that it really became sort of a calling. Soon after becoming a full instructor of both the basic and experienced riders courses it became clear that many of my students didn’t know how to or couldn’t find proper riding gear.

Trophy Cycle Apparel was established with the overriding mission to offer premium motorcycle gear without compromise.

That meant focusing on quality and value not whether an item was popular or cheap. Probably not the best business model on paper but the only way to stay true to ourselves and our clients. Rather than trying to sell everything from everybody we simply search out and test only the best jacket, glove, boot or helmet, stock it and cut out all nonsense. No second or third tier merchandise, no quick-buck closeouts on inferior stuff, no crap just to fill space. If it doesn't work as the most protective motorcycle gear it doesn't work on our shelves. We don't strive to be the biggest online superstore, just the most particular. Call or write to discuss any of the products we sell and even those we don't.

Ride safe,
Michael Shapiro