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Taking it to the track in a Joe Rocket* is risky business.

Professionals and track day novices are all created equal.
Especially when they're hitting the asphalt, the hay bale, the tire barrier, the guardrail, not to mention the other bikes. A fake* racesuit made of dubious materials that doesn't fit properly is not only a bad idea, it's dangerous. Even if you paid all of $800 for it. We've seen typical "brand name" suits routinely blow apart, their armor rendered useless just when the rider needed it most. "Could've, Would've, Should've" is not an internal dialogue you want to have while sliding 135mph.

Vanson racesuits don't compromise.

The heaviest Competition Weight Leather (1.5mm/3.5oz.), the toughest GP armor in the business, real Kevlar connecting panels. Vanson doesn't believe in compromising... ever. That's why for over 35 years their suits have been used by racers and riders of all levels in every conceivable moto sports activity -- Roadrace, Dirt Track, Supermoto, Drag Race, even Asphalt Sled Racing.

Made and serviced in the USA.

Vanson cuts and builds their suits just outside of Boston. And the commitment to quality doesn't stop there. Even after years of use Vanson can wash, re-dye and repair your suit using original materials to keep it looking and performing brand new.

Custom Service, a Vanson specialty.

Can't fit into a off-the-rack racesuit? At least half of our clients can't. Give us less than a hour and we'll perform over 40 custom measurements. After computerized verification, Vanson guarantees the fit. Your design or ours in over 60 leather colors including fluorescent, foil and the usual five shades of red. Plus trendsetting styles and graphics to showcase you and your sponsors.

If you're ready to get serious.

Email or call 800-315-9935 for more information, price/delivery schedules and to set up an appointment for a fitting. This will no doubt require more time and money than grabbing whatever suit is hanging around your dealer's showroom. Step-up and think about real protection. Otherwise, please, save yourself and family the grief and just watch from the stands.

*Alpinestars, Icon, Revit, Fieldsheer, Technic

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